AI Novel Writing Mastery Guide for Fiction Writers. [ChatGPT]

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The ultimate ChatGPT system to write a 50,000-word Novel.

This system allowed me to turn my idea into a novel in 3 days.

You'll Recieve a Notion Center where you can plug in the outputs you generate from ChatGPT to keep everything neat and organized.

There are 12 Sections that all lead to publishing through AMZ KDP or directly to your website and email list.

These sections are Idea Generation, Plot Development, Character Development and Character Generation, World Building (Technology, Magic Systems), Outlining, Fleshing out Chapters, Chapter Revision, Proofreading & Editing, Title Generation, Formatting (Manually), Book Cover Design (Midjourney & Dall E 2), & Publish.

You learn how to take advantage of Midjourney to produce art for your book cover using various styles and prompts.

This guide will save you:

$5,000+ on Ghostwriters

$2,000+ on Editor's & Proofreaders

$1,000+ on Professional Book Covers

100s of hours Writing

Give you more time to produce and build your publishing brand.

Grow your publishing audience.

Develop Characters & Character Arcs in Minutes.

In-depth Worldbuilding in a few hours.

1-hour walkthrough video included in download.

Unlock Your Writing Potential with ChatGPT's Ultimate Novel Writing System!

Are you tired of spending endless hours writing your novel, only to end up with a subpar result? 

Are you tired of investing thousands of dollars in ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders, only to be left with a book that still needs work?

It's time to say goodbye to frustration and hello to the ultimate solution to your writing troubles. 

This ChatGPT novel writing system is the key to unlocking your true writing potential, giving you everything you need to turn your Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, and Comic ideas into a novel in just Days.

No more:

  • Spending $5,000+ on ghostwriters.
  • Wasting $2,000+ on editors and proofreaders.
  • Shelling out $1,000+ for a professional book cover.
  • The time-consuming process of writing for 1000s of hours.

With this system, you'll get more time to produce and build your publishing brand, grow your publishing audience, and develop characters and character arcs in just minutes.

This in-depth worldbuilding guide will have you building your world in a few short hours.

And the best part? 

A 1-hour walkthrough video is included in the download, so you can hit the ground running and start writing your novel today!

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AI Novel Writing Mastery Guide for Fiction Writers. [ChatGPT]

20 ratings
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